What makes me different

I am a “workplace whisperer.” I spend time getting to know you, your people and your organisation; reading the “vibe” and understanding what you are trying to achieve. Over 20 years of experience and study has taught me that lasting change requires more than a framework. It begins with listening.

  1. I consult your senior staff and stakeholders to identify where you are, where you want to be, and what success looks like for you.
  2. Together, we identify skills and behaviours that are essential for you to achieve your goals.
  3. In consultation, I design a program to equip your people with these core skills and embed positive behaviour so it becomes second-nature and self-reinforcing. Choosing from a wide range of personal and professional tools for individuals, teams, leaders and the whole organisation, I create the best solution for you.
  4. I deliver programs responsively: while the objectives remain constant, the approach often evolves in step with participants’ progress as they integrate what they’ve learned into their work and wider life.
  5. I provide coaching to help staff adapt and enhance their contribution.