What you can expect from me

I am constructive

My emphasis is on improving performance and increasing capabilities. I help you identify and build on your strengths as well as helping you address what isn’t working.

It’s not about me

I never impose “off-the-shelf” programs on my clients. I come without an agenda. I am present in every situation, creating a supportive space for people to challenge themselves. I often work in the background, guiding and consulting with your leaders to make sure you get the outcomes you want.

I am accountable to you

Your people will know me. They’ll know how to reach me when they want to talk through an issue. I typically have long-term engagements with my clients because we can both see that my programs produce results.

You will become accountable to each other

To underpin a constructive workplace culture, I will teach and encourage your people to be more honest with each other, discuss the undiscussable and resolve issues when they first arise.

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