We leave big footprints. What kind of footprints are you leaving behind?


“At a time when we needed to work better as individuals, as a team and as an office I was fortunate to meet Jo. We had a number of engaging and constructive conversations that resulted in Jo guiding and advising us in improving our business. Those conversations were over half a decade ago now and Jo still remains actively involved in our cultural development, our people strategy and its future directions. Jo’s engagement has spanned all levels of our people – somewhere along the way Jo will have touched most of our people whether it be facilitating a session, providing coaching or input on a range of cultural or other aspects to the way we do things better. Jo has brought a range of creative and innovative programs and ideas which have been complimentary to our cultural journey. This is at both the office and individual level. Jo has provided highly insightful coaching to me as part of this journey. Jo has a warm and constructive style which I have found highly motivational. ... read more

We have come a long way in this time – people have far more open and constructive conversations, these conversations are more meaningful and efficient in every aspect. People now place far greater importance on their skills and behaviours regularly reaching out for coaching and mentoring to continue their personal improvement journey. This is just one aspect of what has been embedded into the way we do things here. We are a different organisation now, where we have demonstrable evidence where we have substantially improved in all aspects of our business. We would not have made these great strides without Jo.” 

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Mick Allworth Formerly National Partner in Charge, Government, KPMG Canberra Now Global Chair, Cities Centre of Excellence, KPMG